What If Your Senior Executives Worked Better Together?

What if they made decisions more effectively, aligned across functions and business units, learned from each other, and communicated more effectively with customers, investors, and team members? Clients from Accenture to Zoll use IdeaShape to supplement their internal Organizational and Leadership Development resources, while smaller firms rely on us to help them grow their leaders, onboard new executives, and navigate transitions.

For example, we have:

  • Transitioned the top executives of a public technology company from a “hub-and-spoke” communications approach to a more distributed model, making executive peers responsible for cross-unit alignment and freeing up CEO attention
  • Prepared and facilitated C-level executives of a small public company in giving feedback in person to each other and building new agreements for how they lead the company
  • Designed the follow-up program to a 360 leadership assessment for top executives of a major global firm
  • Facilitated the senior team and board members of a fast-growth company in becoming more effective together
  • Led executive clients in identifying their individual visions and powerfully linking them to organizational vision
  • Conducted high-participation seminars on gaining influence with colleagues, leading with vision and courage, managing for development, and thinking creatively
  • Designed fun and effective outdoor team building adventures taking advantage of unique Bay Area environments and landmarks
  • Interpreted the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® in ways that helped people improve their interactions for a more successful team building experience

Six Month Coaching Program

Our 6-month coaching program can help you take your leadership to the next level. Here’s one example—all programs are custom designed based on your individual needs:

  • Initial depth session (2-3 hours in person) to clarify objectives and start actions.
  • (4-6) 30-minute stakeholder interviews by phone or in person.
  • Myers-Briggs Step II assessment, interpretation, and application to objectives.
  • Enneagram consultation and additional assessments as arranged.
  • (2) half-day “shadowing” and debrief (clients cite these sessions as especially powerful).
  • Written summary of feedback and implications for action.
  • Facilitated feedback/evaluation with executive leader at ~1 month and on completion.
  • (5) 90-minute in person coaching sessions.
  • Approximately (8) 30-60 minute phone or Skype coaching sessions.
  • Open access for brief calls or emailed questions.
  • Wrap session with guidelines for continuing learning.
Coaching Intensives

Coaching Intensives

In addition to 6 month programs, we offer intensives (usually 2 or 3 half-days) to help clients with specific objectives, such as developing a plan for your first 3-6 months in a new role, preparing for an especially important presentation, figuring out how to approach a decision or aligning executives on a proposal, or making progress on a specific behavioral change goal.

~ CEO of a venture-backed company in Asia
Pam has been coaching me for the two years. She’s helped me focus on the important things, grow in areas where the business needs me to grow, and shared frameworks and tools that have been invaluable. My whole leadership team is eternally grateful.
~ CEO of a venture-backed company in Asia
~ VP Technology at a global retail company
Your input today was invaluable (as always). You pick up perceptions and critical nuances I hadn’t noticed. So glad I brought you in to coach me.
~ VP Technology at a global retail company
~ Sr. Director of a  Pre-IPO SaaS company in the Bay Area
Getting way more human thanks to your help and support. It’s been game changing. I know what I gained in today’s session will impact me for life!
~ Sr. Director of a Pre-IPO SaaS company in the Bay Area
~ Executive Director of a regional nonprofit in Silicon Valley
Through my work with Pam, I became unstuck. She helped me think differently about our future possibilities and move forward positively through uncertainty. I will embed her reflection process into my weekly planning to keep us on course.
~ Executive Director of a regional nonprofit in Silicon Valley
~ Gail Piccirilli, Former VP of Marketing at Blue Shield of California
Pam was a key partner in transforming my team from a sales support organization to one providing strategic marketing leadership. With her warm and direct style, she assisted me in tackling the challenges of being new to the company, new to the industry, and new to leadership level. With my reports, Pam developed their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and implementation planning.
~ Gail Piccirilli, Former VP of Marketing at Blue Shield of California

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